World of Music, Arts and Dance (WOMAD) is the internationally renowned festival that brings a selection of artists from around the world to Charlton Park.

The international music resonates throughout the grounds, bounces off the trees in the Arboretum, whirls through the green arena and dashes across acres of beautiful grass fields and camp grounds.

This festival for families, music lovers, foodies, artists and friends promotes an amazing sense of cultural awareness and tolerance. It truly is a wonderfully unique experience, full of incredible surprises.

What people are saying

“WOMAD have been coming to Charlton Park for nearly ten years and I think that without the support and expertise of the Estate team we probably not have made it to our second year.
Always helpful, brimming with ideas and solutions it has evolved into a genuine partnership. #farmerRobin has even become a legend on our Twitter feed!
We look forward to the next ten years at Charlton Park”

Chris, WOMAD

“In the warm blur of the summer festival season, this hardy celebration of music marginalised by the western pop machine still manages to stand out”

The Times

WOMAD 2016 

WOMAD this year was fantastic with amazing music from around the world.

The weather held and gave us a wonderful three days of glorious festivities; from the music, to the children’s parade and of course the food!

As usual it went without a hitch and without complaint. This is a testament to the organisation and cooperation evident between World in the Park and Charlton Park.

We look forward to seeing you there in 2017 for more information; –