The Charlton Park Estate Farming and Conservation Mission

The mission statement of Charlton Park Estate’s farm is to maximise the margin on the land with conservation, improvement of the environment and soil health at the core of their activities. 

The farm extends to nearly 4000 acres and includes a combination of soay sheep, arable cropping, grassland and woodlands allowing for a multifaceted approach to biodiversity for both plants and wildlife. The commitment of the farm to conservation is more than just one project it is a series of developments and plans prepared and actioned over the course of years. The farm is part of a government backed scheme that assists in the encouragement of conservation on farmland. The particular of the conservation plans at Charlton Park Estate are diverse and include projects that are designed to look after multiple-faceted aspects of the local environment from encouraging wildlife to managing soil standards and steered by Robin Aird the Farm Manager for the estate and his team.  


We crop 1200 hectares which is predominantly grade 3 land with a mix of soil types from gault clay, oolitic limestone and cornbrash. Minimum tillage is the cultivation strategy to reduce costs and aid crop establishment. All agronomy is performed in house with support from various professionals.

The farm has a recently updated grain storage facility. There is a 40T per hour drier and grain dresser and over 5,500 tonnes over storage. This gives the business the ability to store its own grain and clean and dry third parties.

Energy Farming

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is the process of microorganisms breaking down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen.  In this way, biogas is created from food waste & low value crops, captured, cleaned, upgraded, and injected into the national gas-grid which, is known as Biomethane Injection for a greener national-grid gas system. The biproducts of this process are agricultural fertiliser in both liquid and solid forms, and CO2 which is captured and liquefied for agricultural and industrial applications. The Charlton Park Estate plant uses maize which is grown in the surrounding land, cropped and stored next to the plant and the liquid biproduct used to fertilise the following years crop. The gas generated from this is then injected directly in the local areas supply. Charlton Park Estate generates the greenest gas possible for the local community.

Contracting Services

Charlton Park can offer a wide range of services to reduce your costs and increase your margins using the latest machinery and technology. We can offer various services from ground works through to agronomy. We are part of a large buying group which reduces our input costs and have signed up to a major grain marketing company which gives us preferential contracts and payment terms.

Whole farm agreements and joint venture opportunities are available.