Charlton Park Estate Welcomes Mantrailing

New Canine Sporting Activity Sessions Available

Charlton Park Estate welcomes Anna Zabinska and Follow Dogs to the growing catalogue of canine sports and activities available on the Estate.

Follow Dogs will be offering classes as part of a varied programme of classes around the UK providing training for Mantrailing or trailing as it is often referred to.

Anna explains Mantrailing for those that have not yet experienced the sport ‘If you want to understand trailing you should know that every person leaves behind an individual scent trail, just like a fingerprint. When we teach dog trailing, we teach them to follow that individual scent trail and ignore all other scents left by people in surrounding environment.’

Mantrailing Canine Sporting Activity at Charlton Park Estate
Mantrailing with Follow Dogs are now offering training dates at Charlton Park Estate 

That form of search work is already practiced by Police and Search and Rescue organisations all over the world. Fortunately, every dog is capable of following scent thanks to its natural hunting capabilities and my role as a trainer is just to develop that skill. This form of activity can be fantastic for any dog regardless of the age and breed as exercises are always tailored to the dog’s level. In our classes we welcomed puppies as young as 8-weeks-old, very active, high driven dogs but also seniors. Trailing is being considered a low impact activity since there is no running or jumping involved but one which provides an amazing brain stimulation due to continuous problem solving when following scent. It usually takes one session for dogs to understand the process as the training is based on their instinctual responses. The role of the handler on the other hand is to learn reading dog’s body language and to understand when the dog is in scent and when it might be losing it due to environmental conditions.

Trailing is a very natural activity for dogs, and it can fulfil most dogs’ behavioural modification programs, become a new sport for you and your dog or in some cases takes you on a journey to become an operational Search and Rescue team.

To find out more, or to book a class please contact Anna directly using by visiting her Facebook page by clicking here or email directly using





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