Harvest at Charlton Park Estate

Farm Machinery Movement Increase

It is that time of year for our farming team to take to the fields with fervour. Our cereal crops are being harvested throughout the day, often with late finishes for our team which means that there will be increased farm machinery traffic surrounding our cereal fields including Combine movement and tractors and trailers hauling grain to and from stores.

We appreciate that meeting any of these combinations on narrow lanes can be daunting and that they often are not able to travel at the same speeds or have the same breaking distances as those in cars or on bicycles. Please be mindful of overtaking if you are a car of a bike, the size and space taken up by our vehicles mean we have larger blind spots.

We appreciate your co-operation and patience while our team are working hard over the coming weeks.

If you would like to know more about our farming and conservation strategies here at Charlton Park, please click here.

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