Forthcoming Events

Venue Hire at Charlton Park

We have an excellent reputation and experience of working with a wide-range of events and we are equally happy working with large organisations or individuals to ensure your personal event is the best it can possibly be.
We pride ourselves in the support and care we give to the people who hold their events at Charlton Park.
For more information or to discuss your event and ideas, please contact the Estate Office either by phone 01666 822146 or email.

We have many events which return to Charlton Park year on year.
We also host outdoor wedding receptions in the Little Park area of the Estate which are unique and beautiful in this setting.
Corporate parties are regular events, which can be formal or informal and include team-building events and challenges.
We are always happy to talk to you about your ideas and explore the possibilities.

Film Locations

Charlton Park has many different landscapes with beautiful and unique properties which are available for film locations.
We have experience of working with location managers and film crews within this community and welcome the opportunity to showcase this lovely part of Wiltshire.
We are always happy to receive enquiries about filming and to meet with location managers to discuss potential sites.

Please email or call us at the Estate Office to get in touch.


“Charlton Park is such a beautiful venue and the staff are very helpful, friendly and accommodating, that is why we return each year to host our events there.”

Lorraine Ferris, Tri Ferris Promotions

“I was delighted we were able to host our first Monster Race event at Charlton Park Estate. The venue ticked all of the boxes we had. It’s easily accessible from the M4, has beautiful grounds and has use of a substantial main event field with ample parking. In addition the estate staff I worked with in the run up to the event were extremely helpful and proactive. We received really positive feedback about the venue from our runners after the event. We can’t wait to get back to the estate and hold this years event now.”

Simon, Monsterrace

Common SpruceBlue SpruceNordman Fir
4 ft£22.00£28.00£28.00
4.5 ft£24.75£31.50£31.50
5 ft£27.50£35.00£35.00
5.5 ft£30.00£38.50£38.50
6 ft£30.00£42.00£42.00
6.5 ft£30.00£45.50£45.50
7 ft£35.00£49.00£49.00
7.5 ft£35.00£52.50£58.00
8 ft£44.00£56.00£64.00
8.5 ft£46.75£59.50£72.50
9 ft£49.50£63.00£81.00
9.5 ft£52.25£66.50£90.50
10 ft£55.00£70.00£100.00
10.5 ft£57.75£73.50£116.00
11 ft£60.50£77.00£132.00
11.5 ft£63.25£80.50£151.00
12 ft£66.00£84.00£170.00
12.5 ft£68.75£87.50£195.00
13 ft£71.50£91.00£221.00