Cold Weather Safety for Unleashed & Riding Pass Users

Cold Weather Safety for Unleashed & Riding Pass Users


Extreme cold weather can cause a variety of issues for both owners and pets. Please consider the conditions when booking to use Unleashed and consider the conditions and the risk to yourself and your pet. In these extreme prolonged cold conditions, there is considerable amounts of ice, snow etc, uneven surfaces for both you and your pet. It is unlikely during this weather that the water supply will be working due to the continue sub-zero temperatures during the day. We ask you to use Unleashed at your own discretion once these risks for you and your pet have been considered. We want everyone to be safe and enjoy their time.

The PDSA has issued some excellent advice to dog owners to consider when choosing where and when to walk your dogs. To read their advice click here.

Riding Permits Users

The prolonged snow-cover and sub-zero temperatures will continue to cover most of the riding routes, it will make some areas icy, uneven, and difficult to gauge what the surface is like underneath. We advise riding pass holders to use the routes at their own discretion with this knowledge that they may not be passable or accessible for all routes and should plan routes with caution in mind.

We want everyone to enjoy their time on the Estate, but to stay safe doing so, and hopefully this winter weather will make the tracks more accessible soon.

We thank all our Estate visitors in advance for their understanding during this winter-wonderland weather.

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