Charlton Park has been growing Christmas trees for over 20 years and all our trees are sustainably grown and harvested. Following a walk around the walled garden you can select your own growing tree and we will cut it down for you. Or you can choose to dig up your own tree and take it away – but remember to bring your own spade! Delivery is available at a reasonable cost by prior arrangement only.
At Charlton Park we grow three main varieties of trees; –

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce is the ‘traditional’ Christmas tree with dark green needles and drooping branches. Trees have a dark green crown with a triangular shape.

Blue Spruce

The Blue Spruce is an attractive tree with a symmetrical form and appealing blue foliage with good needle retention.

Nordman Fir

The Nordman Fir is the most popular Christmas tree in the U.K. Farmed for their symmetrical shape and strong branches these fantastic trees are good at retaining their dark green needles.

We also have a small potted trees and we sell Christmas tree stands, Wreaths, Holly and Mistletoe for your convenience.

Opening hours 10am-4pm daily from November up to Christmas ‘Eve.

We look forward to seeing you all again full of Christmas spirit later in the year.

Should you wish to order your tree in advance please use the order form below.


Our Christmas Tree Shop will be opening in November

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Common SpruceBlue SpruceNordman Fir
4 ft£22.00£28.00£28.00
4.5 ft£24.75£31.50£31.50
5 ft£27.50£35.00£35.00
5.5 ft£30.00£38.50£38.50
6 ft£30.00£42.00£42.00
6.5 ft£30.00£45.50£45.50
7 ft£35.00£49.00£49.00
7.5 ft£35.00£52.50£58.00
8 ft£44.00£56.00£64.00
8.5 ft£46.75£59.50£72.50
9 ft£49.50£63.00£81.00
9.5 ft£52.25£66.50£90.50
10 ft£55.00£70.00£100.00
10.5 ft£57.75£73.50£116.00
11 ft£60.50£77.00£132.00
11.5 ft£63.25£80.50£151.00
12 ft£66.00£84.00£170.00
12.5 ft£68.75£87.50£195.00
13 ft£71.50£91.00£221.00